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Singing in the Rain.......not quite, but I couldn't resist......

Rain, singing, snowglobes, pop-up books kept our attention today at YikesNelson Holidays.

There's nothing like the beautiful harmonies of children to melt the heart and lift the spirits, a much needed antedote to the intensity of the morning rain which meant everyone had been indoors for hours. Not only that all morning we had been very focused on our creative juices flowing, so by afternoon everyone felt a bit stir crazy.
Wonderful Brenda came and gave us a great outlet for our energy.
Brenda took the whole group in a singing session, she gave a list of christmas songs and so the children got to choose. After about half n hour she took a smaller group who were interested in more input and finally she spent time one on one with any interested children.
Have a listen:

All morning we focused on online pop up books and snowglobes. A very delightful online tool. The globes are a great christmas greeting to send to friends and relatives.
Check out this boy's, he wanted to be in the globe with Ironman! You roll your mouse round the globe and it turns for different views. You can even press webcam mode and have the globe like a 3d model before you:

The most labour intensive part was taking the photos and eliminating the backgrounds.

Tara's back tomorrow to unleash more creativity.


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