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Check out some of our stuff on INSTAGRAM. CLICK HERE

We had some spare time Friday and even though we didn't have proper lighting or the proper greenscreen background, we found a green wall in the library, shot some footage and used the moviemaking software which enables greenscreening. So the end product was not perfect because of the lighting etc ; but we were able to "play" round with greenscreening and understand the editing process. Again - FUN!

We displayed our work on our own designer glogs. Check out three examples below by clicking on their links:

Today the focus is on "VOICE"
We used xtranormal to express ourselves, scroll further down to check out other tools we used. Way Cool.

Today we checked out Voice Tools to express our work .
A couple of the examples below "speak" the lyrics to a song, see if you can guess, then click on the vocaroo player to hear the answer:



Today we learnt different tools to publish our own works, writing or images or both.
We could publish magazines simply from a word document or create comic strips.
Comic strips are great to get the message across even if we don't like writing too much. Check out some of our work here:

yum turkey
By Rosie and Brittany

Akash and Jamie
By Akash and Jamie

By Sanford and Jared

OCT HOLS - iMovie

A couple of examples of our online photo editing:

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