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Animation Friday

Scroll over the images below and press play:
Take off and Landing by yikesnelson, made at

 Animation is so much fun.
Animation is also quite a detailed process, so the online software we used really helps beginners get a taste for the process and it is also possible to start out as a stick figure artist and progress to hollywood type ventures!

Girl skipping by YikesNelson1, made at

Arts Section

Today we did some profiles of the childrens faces and we showed the children how to proportion where their eyes, nose and mouth goes. And how to start showing some shading, the light, the dark, and the shadows throughout the face. And we learnt how to use the rubber to show the light on the face as well.

Karate Kid Thursday

We deviated off the schedule and ten of us headed to the movies since our numbers weren't too big today.
We watched Karate Kid , grabbed some sound bytes straight after.
Before we headed to the cinema we looked at an online review site to see what reviewing a movie online was all about EG: Click Here
We took note that the sites often used pictures or video clips of the movie. They put the title, director and actors and a bit about the plot. And most sites used stars for the rating. Some sites even had a poll, which we're going to do too. But instead of stars as our ratings , we are going to use a karate kick icon taken from the movie promo's.
KARATE KID 2010 Directed by: Harald Zwart
Written by: Christopher Murphey (Screenplay) and Robert Mark Kamen (story)
YIKESsoundbytes following the movie:


Moviemaker Wednesday

Making movies is fun! For the sake of time we have approached Moviemaker in two ways: 1] By greenscreening a video introduction to our blogs. Mr A (we will call him) has an action blog and is inviting people on to his blog to take up his challenge to be a warrior. 2] We uploaded photos brought along on a pendrive, added voiceovers from a voice recorder and added our own titles, effects and transitions .
To actually make an epic movie would require us to spend days on Storyboarding, and the process. Instead, by keeping our projects simple we were able to gain confidence with the software and thereby enabling the children to competently build on the base level of skills gained.
Arts Section Tara helped the children transform star shaped pieces of wood into handy little mirrors. To the undiscerning eye, you could think there was a bit of paint and stuff, but there were art intricacies explored, like, mixing colours, texturising, stamps and more.
Very handy for the handbag or in the car!

Transformer Tuesday

The day flew by and I was tempted to call it twitterer Tuesday because it seemed like no-one stayed on the same project for long, everything was short and punchy like the tweets on twitter! No-one seemed in the mood for extended concentration.
We redid some videoing using the greenscreen. Some of the girls are confident on playing keyboards and strummed some tunes and began their blog intro's. One girl did a rendition of Baa Baa black sheep and intends putting some sheep in her background.
Some of the children uploaded photos and started decorating them and adding effects using photobucket. Moviemaker was tampered with and Maddison decided to create a cartoon using online tools.

And it is here we come to the reason why it today is called "Transformer Tuesday". Tara our tutor, was teaching (Wow for the alliteration), on making our very own marionettes made from coloured card and cut into the shape of a transformer,  once done it can be manipulated by string. …

Designer Blogging Monday!

Watching the creativity of individual children is a bonus of being part of YikesNelson. No two blogs were the same and each expressed the individual's taste, style and expressions of interest.
We utilised Bloggers new Designer Templates and explored "Adding Pages"  and "Gadgets".
We start the Holiday Programme creating the blogs so the children can profile the rest of the week's work on this platform, then families can view their talents and interests too.
Tuesday we will build on this by exploring moviemaker and creating videos for our blog. Movement is an important part of keeping a blog or webpage "alive".

I never had never heard of needle felting before but our Art & Design tutor introduced the kids to needle felting.EG:
Some of the children made fish, others made flowers.
They use wool type material and special needles and "stab" away at the wool till it takes shape.