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December dates: Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd December.
January dates:      Monday 9th January - Friday 27th January 2012
                            One-off date Tuesday 31st January 2012

Hours: 8.45am to 5.30pm Full Day.
           8.45am to 3.00pm Till 3pm
           8.45am to 1.00pm Half Day


The usual arts, multimedia, computer and survival/outdoors focus.
Sports photographer Phillip Rollo will come in Wednesdays
Local artist Larisse Hall returns due to popular demand
We will need parent permission for one trip to a farm where Scott will teach everyone how to make a campfire and of course we will be eating over our campfire.
We will be adding a new dimension to our film focus : stunt scenes!!!!
We promise no speeding cars, flames or explosions will be involved. :-)
 I am hoping to secure a music element so will keep you posted.
Daily schedule won't be finalised till specialist staff confirm dates and times.

FEES: $180 Full Days Full Week          …

Summer Holidays are Looming!

Hi guys,
My name is Ellie Gulbransen and I'm going to be at Yikes everyday these holidays!
I am from Nelson but I currently live in Christchurch. I am studying towards a bachelor of teaching and learning at Canterbury University.
Before moving to Christchurch I worked at a kindergarten in Nelson for 2 years. I love working with children and am super excited for these holidays!
I look forward to meeting you all!

Local Contemporary Artist: Larisse Hall tutoring at Yikes

We are very privileged to have Larisse Hall secured at our October holiday programme. Larisse is a local full time contemporary artist who exhibits her work regularly in local galleries and fixtures. You can check out her bio and where her art specialty lies or where her latest exhibits are on her website:

Larisse will be coming in Tuesday till Friday 11am to teach clay work and sculpture and each day will introduce new techniques. All the childrens work will be fired in a kiln at the end of the holidays.

Parents put your orders in for a platter! :-)

Holiday Programme: One Week Only in October Mon 10th-Friday 14th

Zombie Movie

Zombies are taking over out!
This horror movie was written, produced and directed by some boys at this months holiday programme at Yikes. They came up with the idea and ran with it. Luz was very impressed with their planning. Often the kids like to throw planning out the window.
Enjoy! We have.

July Holidays Info

Our July enrolment form is now available online.
These holidays our focus will be film and photography.

The children will have the opportunity to work with a film crew and trial a new 3D movie camera and because it's Rugby World Cup time we'll look at sports photography all interspersed with computers, sports arts and fun!

Monday, 18 July 2011 – Friday 22 July 2011 and Monday 25 July - Friday 28 July

Activ8 director Scott Randrup will be visiting teaching 
bush survival skills and very importantly how to make 
a hot chocolate on your gas cooker! :-)   

To Register: Register Online or book by phone, bookings essential. 
                      Daily workshops or weekly bookings.
Venue:         Nelson Central School Library/Computer Suite
Age:             5 – 14 years
Time:           9.00am – 5.30pm
Cost:            $25 half day till 1.00pm * $30 till 3.00pm * $40 full day * $185 full week booking * $150                       full week till 3.00pm. WINZ subsidies available.

Highlights from Second Week

The video below is an example of our action shots using a contour hd videocam which the kids strapped to a helmet on their heads. They picked any music they wanted, and I am aware it's "ripped". So next time we'll explain creative commons etc. More footage will be available as we get the editing done on our Youtube channel:
Keep scrolling down for more highlights

The children review their filmwork with the filmcrew from Inspire Productions - Iain and Ulla
Some of the girls headed out with a camera in hand.

Flossie the Balloon lady came in on our last day, the colours, the creations, the art was fun for all ages and brings so much joy. Thanks Flossie. Flossies Website

Run Uma! Our big thanks to Uma's Dad who came in and taught football skills. What started out as a 10 minute run round ended up as a 40 min exercise. They loved it!

Film Crew and Pointillism

Tara introduced us to pointillism and here is one of the results of her tutoring.

The film crew were INSPIRING which is pertinent because they are from Inspire Productions Nelson.
Finally we completed the editing stage of another movie trailer started on's Jaws V!

Earlier in the day.......Today the film crew come in and will help us create our own chat show.
Tara will be tutoring the children in Pointillism.....I had to wikipedia this term. This photo from wikipedia is a clue:
Will post later the results from our day. (See above)

Editing * Art * The Beautiful Game * More Shooting!

We're still editing all our video footage but we are near completion.

Today we conquered a lot of editing and discovered new computer tools and fun like voki.
Our video footage will soon be uploaded to our Youtube Channnel.

Our thanks to Uma's dad for taking the crew out for a game of soccer.

Tara our art/design tutor came in today and the children created masterpieces on canvas.

Art on Canvas

Video Shooting Techniques

Today Luz will be coming in to pass on her wealth of experience in the video shooting field.
Luz is a broadcast journalist from Chile.......
We have had a very successful video day. Before we launched off into the realm of filmmaking etc Luz took us through some fundamentals like the camera can only capture a part of what we see, the human desire to capture what we do see and how to plan well to capture the story we are trying to tell or moment we want to convey.
If you came into the programme today you would have been captured by the buzz and energy of all the creativity at is a truly energising experience. Some were off planning shots, some were videoing with Luz, some were doing action shots, with Spencer, using a special camera attached to a bike helmet.
I really wish I could show you the results right here and now, but the thing about videoing is the editing stage is labour intensive. So I'll leave you with another movie trailer by the young girls yest…

Movie Trailer Monday

Today we created our own movie trailers.
Before we started we watched a few movie trailers and noted that they were often fast-paced, they only showed short clips of the actual movie, they made you want to go and see the movie and most of all they NEVER told the end of the story!

Here is the result of a group of 5-7year olds trailer for "Robin Hood".

April Schedule

Dates below:

YikesNelson Holiday Programme back on the 24th

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.
We will be back Monday 24th.

8.45am – 5.30pm
Monday 24 January - Friday 28th January
Monday 31st January - Friday 04th February
Cost: $25 half day/ $40 full day, $180 full week/full day booking
Or $120 if every day till 3pm.
Enrol online or phone/text 021 803 411 for an enrolment form.
CLICK HERE to see if you are eligible for a Working for Families Subsidy