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Time to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Our last day of this round of Holiday Progrmme at Yikes some of the boys finished Part 2 of their movie. Last hols they completed Part 1. Both videos will be posted on Youtube by end of January.

Everyone got picked up early today and headed off to our different Christmas celebrations.
Merry Christmas everyone.

We'll leave you with our Computer Tips and Shortcuts from some of the crew at Yikes:

Ctrl + Alt + Del gets you out of a screen freeze everytime.

F5 will refresh your page, this is really helpful if your page is loading slowly.

You can use your arrow keys and Enter to scroll and select

When selecting files you click on the first file then hold SHIFT and click on last file and it will select the group of files needed.

You can select all your icons on your desktop by dragging across the page and then click on one to move them all.

Instead of typing in a whole address in the address bar, just google main wording of website you want and click to get on site from there.

Just type yt in google and it will bring up Youtube's address for you.

Thanks Conner, Isabelle, Julian, Isabel, Olivia, Akash and Ellie.


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