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Highlights from Second Week

The video below is an example of our action shots using a contour hd videocam which the kids strapped to a helmet on their heads. They picked any music they wanted, and I am aware it's "ripped". So next time we'll explain creative commons etc. More footage will be available as we get the editing done on our Youtube channel:
Keep scrolling down for more highlights

The children review their filmwork with the filmcrew from Inspire Productions - Iain and Ulla
Some of the girls headed out with a camera in hand.

Flossie the Balloon lady came in on our last day, the colours, the creations, the art was fun for all ages and brings so much joy. Thanks Flossie. Flossies Website

Run Uma! Our big thanks to Uma's Dad who came in and taught football skills. What started out as a 10 minute run round ended up as a 40 min exercise. They loved it!