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Portable North Pole & Personalised E-Cards

Personalising christmas greetings was our focus today.

We chose the option of sending a message from Santa at Portable North Pole (Click on Image to see an example message to you)

Or the other option was designing our own webpage as an e-card to be
sent to family and friends. Instead of filling out an e-card online we decorated the pages ourselves and are beginning to video our personalised greeting.
Personalised greetings are so much nicer to receive

Every day at Yikes we'll be sharing a computer tip and voting on it.
Today's tip was a Youtube tip:
You can use the number keys on your computer (the ones at the top not on the side) to go along a youtube video in increments eg: if you press 1 it will forward 10% into video if you press 5 it will forward 50% of video. Check out the poll on the sidebar to see what everyone thought.

WELCOME back to Holly. Holly is studying at Otago University. She's going to bring some of her skills to us next week in her field of expertise, but we'll wait till next week to fill you in.
Also special welcome to Spencer, coming in to help today.

We do stuff offline too! :-)



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