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December Dates: Wednesday 18th December 12.30-6pm Thursday 19th December 8am - 5.30pm Friday 20th December 8am - 5.30pm Monday 23rd December 8am - 5.30pm Tuesday 24th December 8am - 5.30pm  January Dates: Week 1: Monday 6th January - Friday 10th January 2014 Week 2: Monday 13th January - Friday 17th January 2014 Week 3: Monday 20th January - Friday 24th January 2014 Week 4: Monday 27th January - Friday 31st January 2014  FEES: Weekly Full Day Fee: Full Week/Full Day booking $230/week  Weekly Till 3pm Fee Full Week/Till 3pm booking $200/week Weekly Till 1pm Fee Full Week/Till 1pm booking $150/week Day Bookings Fee: Full Day $50 * One day ti…

Yikes Holidays October

We are having so much fun these holidays.
As well as our awesome Minifair Fridays (see our facebook for photos) we are also engaged in many other enterprising activities.
This airplane is part of our Sonic Dad projects. Solomon made this and the lights underneath the wings glow in the dark. Way cool. While the younger boys were making these the older boys headed out to Richmond for projects using powertools at the Menzshed.

October Holidays Coming Up!

Fashion Auction, Hair Styling, Nails, Hand Massages and more at Yikes Day Spa

Highlights from Basic Engineering Techniques with Kim Brice

Would their egg survive dropping from a height and land without cracking?
There would be some prospective engineers I would climb into any aircraft they built, but some I am afraid I would think twice about, after seeing some splatter lol.
Kim's workshops never ceased to amaze me how all the children were engaged and on task. That is a great skill. 

Yikes was privileged to host three workshops tutored by Kim Brice. The kids were engaged and learnt valuable skills and were able to enjoy the journey of design and engineering. Kim is a local designer and business owner ~ click here to learn more about Kim and his business.

Art Bomb ~ Thursday

Crayon and Dye resist drawings
Children looked at the "Life Drawing Model" and then drew a triangle, the head was the triangle and the body was a rectangle. When teaching drawing this technique helps give basic form…. Materials : started with pencil , then used crayons to act as resist, then used dye to shade and colour sheep in.



Tour Guide Training

Today we are learning in our Computer Session how to be a good tour guide.
We have learnt that:
A good guide is sensitive to the needs of others.A good guide is well organized.A good guide has knowledge of the local area. So we are learning to use Google search to gather information.
This site offers some good tips about using search:

Also did you know you can use google search as a calculator or a dictionary? It's pretty cool.

Cupcake Heaven!