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Contemporary Jewellery Design

We are privileged to have on board the talents and giftings of artisan Kim Brice - contemporary jewellery.
Kim has recently returned from living in Stockholm to his hometown of Nelson and has a small gallery shop called Cubicle on 6 Nile Street.
I asked Kim to write me a piece on what he and the children did in the holidays at the Yikes Holiday programme. I was so interested in what he wrote I had to share it with you:

I talked briefly about contemporary jewellery, the difference between traditional and jewellery of today,I showed some of Lisa Walkers pieces in her new book, Unwearable jewellery, plus some images of jewellery by Warwick Freeman and Karl Fritsch . I also showed the children some actual pieces of my own work which they passed around.
 Lisa uses found objects in her work, even rubbish which she finds on the street, her pieces are well thought out but look very thrown together, she is probably New Zealands most famous jeweler at present and has her work in many of th…

QR Treasure Hunt

Today the 5-7 year olds only have time for one clue (because we are going to the farm soon)
Use your phone app or this link to decipher the clue: