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Transformer Tuesday

Movie toon
Maddison's "Toon"
The day flew by and I was tempted to call it twitterer Tuesday because it seemed like no-one stayed on the same project for long, everything was short and punchy like the tweets on twitter! No-one seemed in the mood for extended concentration.
We redid some videoing using the greenscreen. Some of the girls are confident on playing keyboards and strummed some tunes and began their blog intro's. One girl did a rendition of Baa Baa black sheep and intends putting some sheep in her background.
Some of the children uploaded photos and started decorating them and adding effects using photobucket. Moviemaker was tampered with and Maddison decided to create a cartoon using online tools.


Optimus Prime image soon to be transformed into cardboard marionette
And it is here we come to the reason why it today is called "Transformer Tuesday". Tara our tutor, was teaching (Wow for the alliteration), on making our very own marionettes made from coloured card and cut into the shape of a transformer,  once done it can be manipulated by string. The cutting out of the shape seemed to test the patience of some and they ran off to the computers, some chose to colour in the poster sized colouring-in book, and some did some more needle felting. 
The end product would have been worth the "cutting out" process, but it is day two of the holidays, everyone is winding into it, and so with this in mind we decided to flow in with the kid's twitter-type speed on any task at hand. We have the rest of the week to tackle Optimus Prime!

The day outside was lovely in the sun and so a few plays on the adventure playground, a slide down the big yellow slide and a game of patter, provided for fresh air in the lungs!


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