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Designer Blogging Monday!

Watching the creativity of individual children is a bonus of being part of YikesNelson. No two blogs were the same and each expressed the individual's taste, style and expressions of interest.
We utilised Bloggers new Designer Templates and explored "Adding Pages"  and "Gadgets".
We start the Holiday Programme creating the blogs so the children can profile the rest of the week's work on this platform, then families can view their talents and interests too.
Tuesday we will build on this by exploring moviemaker and creating videos for our blog. Movement is an important part of keeping a blog or webpage "alive".

I never had never heard of needle felting before but our Art & Design tutor introduced the kids to needle felting.EG:
Some of the children made fish, others made flowers.
They use wool type material and special needles and "stab" away at the wool till it takes shape.


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