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We plan and prepare a schedule but the actual programme evolves with the personality of the children coming and the friendships that develop. So our programme ends up being better than what's "on paper". Most of our children are children who return each holidays.

If Nelson were first to get the fastest internet speed in the Southern Hemisphere then it will bring great profile and economic development to our region.Yikes wants to take part to support our community.
Some quick facts
In 1969 Walter Kronkyte named Chattanooga the most polluted city in the US.
Last year Chattanooga was ranked first for economic growth potential.
They have the fasted internet speeds in the whole country
O/seas companies set up in their town.
One NZ town will be chosen to be first with the fastest internet in the Southern Hemisphere
It will bring profile to our city and potential for economic growth
So we're going to jump in these holidays and take part in:

So using this as an excuse our theme over these holidays is competition! And taking it off the website we will quote: COMPETE!

The Oxford Dictionary defines a competition as:
“activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others”.

We're going to have fun supporting Nelson's bid to have a loud voice using social media: twitter, instagram and flickr. (Using yikes profiles only not personal accounts.) But we're taking the fun of competition to games and outdoor activities too. We'll also look at handling winning and losing. Cybersafety will undergird each technology session.

More information from gigatownnsn website:
Gigatown will be the first town in the Southern hemisphere to access a one gigabit per second (1Gbps) internet connection.

How do we decide who gets to be Gigatown? Actually, we don't decide - you do.

We're looking for the town that wants it the most. There are two ways we’ll be measuring that drive, enthusiasm and determination to be Gigatown:

1. by listening out for the town with the loudest voice on social media; and

2. by tallying up the supporters for each
town signing up on this website.


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