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Today we worked on the tool.....well we played with the tool "Photobooth".

A surprising outcome to the use of this tool was how it quickly broke down the shyness between the newcomers to the holiday programme and knit everyone together! With all it's funny effects everyone ended up in fits of laughter and grabbing each other to show the latest funny pose. As a Co Ordinator of this holiday programme I think Photobooth is going to be a great tool to use consistently to help break the ice.

One of the boys made a video with photobooth using the "twin" option, so it looked like him and his clone were making the video. Very clever.

We also got used to navigating with the MAC computers by dragging the photos into iPhoto, eiminating any blemishes and fancying up what we wanted.
We took one normal shot too on photobooth and uploaded it to a great image editing site called Picturetrail.
On Picturetrail we chose the bling option to "bling" up our photo.

Our 5-7 year olds began the day by going outside and taking photographs, getting familiar with the digital camera.

Klassina came in around 10.30am and everyone had the option of creating a christmas card. Klassina has a background in graphic design, so has an eye for detail with these things, she comes in again Wednesday for more card making with slightly more challenging effects.

I'll upload more photos as I get a chance


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